Association of MBAs third party hyperlink policy

External hyperlink approval should be passed onto the Marketing team for acceptance and assessment. All links will open up into a separate window and not within the frameset of the Association of MBAs’ sites. This is to prevent any inference that the Association of MBAs approves or has any business or ownership rights relating to the third party site.

Logo links
Where a logo hyperlink is uploaded, it will need to be approved by the Marketing team. If the logo is used on the site, written permission must be sought from the third party. This will protect the Association of MBAs in terms of breach of copyright preventing any ambiguity between both parties. A written copy of express permission logo usage approval (letter or email accepted), detailing the usage rights of their logo, must be forwarded on to the Marketing team for reference purposes.

Denied links
No links will be given to sites that include or promote the following:

  • Pornography
  • Terrorism
  • Racism
  • Political views
  • Any criminal activity

The Association of MBAs will portray a neutral stance on any views; hence no form of political alliance will be portrayed on any of the sites under its control. The information collected will be used for reference and the Association of MBAs’ web communication only.

Hyperlink disclaimer notice - all third parties will need to be made aware of the following:

Please note that hyperlinks are given for information purposes only and there is no inferred recommendation as to the companies listed on the Association of MBAs’ sites. The Association of MBAs does not take any responsibility for the quality of service these organisations provide.

Association of MBAs will reserve the right to remove any hyperlinks at any time without prior consultation with third parties.