GIBS graduate Olebogeng Glad Dibetso wins MBA Student of the Year Award 2013

Publication date: 11 November 2013
Article type: Press release

”If there is one message that I want to get across”, Olebogeng Glad Dibetso said, “it is that it is possible to succeed against all the odds.”

Every year, 40,000 MBA students graduate from AMBA’s (the Association of MBAs) 204 Accredited Business Schools, in 70 countries worldwide. An MBA is the most respected Business Leader qualification in the world (AMBA accredits just 1% of the world’s Executive MBA programmes), and many of these MBAs will progress to become some of the world’s most influential Business and Society Leaders.

The three AMBA annual MBA awards - MBA Student of the Year Award, MBA Innovation Award and MBA Entrepreneurial Venture Award - celebrate the quality and achievements of MBA education.     

The global business world, still shaken by the financial crisis, needs inspirational leaders more than ever. South African Olebogeng Glad Dibetso, an MBA graduate from Gordon Institute of Business Science in Pretoria, has won the coveted MBA Student of the Year Award.

Ambitious, driven and determined to succeed, Glad followed his mother’s advice to pursue education as the best escape from a life of poverty. Overcoming adversity throughout his journey, including the folding of a company and bankruptcy, only strengthened Glad’s determination and the drive to succeed.

“I decided to go on an MBA because I realised my business failed not only because of economic downturn, but also due to poor business principles I had applied,“ Glad said. ”Remembering my mother’s words that noone can take your education away from you, I started my MBA promising myself that I will not compete with anyone, but try to add value to my classmates and my community. When the purpose is bigger than self, miracles can happen. The more I reached out to help others, the more I succeeded at both the MBA and my work”, Glad added.

He has recently been appointed as the MD of Dimension Data West Africa and through his work and his involvement in various global engagement initiatives, Glad will continue to influence and inspire people from underprivileged backgrounds. ”If there is one message that I want to get across”, Glad said, “it is that it is possible to succeed against all the odds. However, quality education increases those odds significantly.”

As a sign of his continued commitment to improving business and financial skills in South Africa’s youth, Glad decided to donate his cash prize of £1000 award to BizSchool, a programme teaching South Africa’s youth about the world of work and business. Glad plays an important role as a Board member and also works directly with children.

“Glad’s story shows that the best way to succeed is by using your talent for the benefit of others. We need inspirational leaders like him who are able to overcome adversity and have a positive impact on communities worldwide”, said AMBA’s Chief Executive, Andrew Main Wilson.

Winners in other categories are Athens University of Economics & Business for the MBA Innovation Award, and Simo Dragicevic, MBA graduate of Cass Business School for the MBA Entrepreneurial Venture Award.  

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