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Waikato MBA and MBM given tick of approval for next 5 years

AMBA have accredited The University of Waikato for their MBA and MBM programmes. The accreditation is for a maximum of five years.

31 October 2012

The value of an MBA

AMBA's Global AMBAssadors speak about the value of MBA accreditation and how it offers value for students, business schools and employers. Page 42-43 plus an ad on page 5.

31 October 2012 | CEO Magazine

Ultan Technologies wins 2012 MBA Entrepreneurial Venture Award from AMBA

Ultan Technologies, an Irish start-up that develops bespoke software solutions for device and sensor management, has won the 2012 MBA Entrepreneurial Venture Award from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) in London.

30 October 2012 | Silicon Republic

Porto Business School awarded by the Association of MBAs

João Dias da Silva, a professor, and Carlos Palhares, a former MBA student of Porto Business School, Business School, University of Porto, won top spots in two international competitions organized by AMBA.

30 October 2012 | NGOs in new - Portugal

All about being mindful and culturally sensitive

AMBA presented three annual awards at the gala dinner in London for innovation, entrepreneurship and individual achievement.

25 October 2012 | The Independent

Criteria to check online MBA programmes

Criteria for checking an online MBA programme. Accreditation is the most important factor and MBA’s which are AMBA accredited are of high quality.

25 October 2012 | uPublish.info

INSEAD Sci-Tech Commercialiser earns top Innovation Award

INSEAD Dubai announces that they won our Innovation Award for their ‘Sci-Tech Commercialiser’ programme.

25 October 2012 | Business Intelligence Middle East

World class executive education in the heart of Europe

AMBA’s Global AMBAssadors speak about the benefits of an MBA and how it helped in their careers.

24 October 2012 | GradMag and Student International

How to manage any MBA application fears

Advice to aspiring MBAs on admissions processes and how to go about choosing your MBA, they mention going to our Fairs as a good way of judging business schools and pitching them against one another.

18 October 2012 | City AM

The MBA: an asset to career, a benefit to public service

A Global AMBAssador, Jonas Abraham, speaks about his experience of how an MBA has helped with his career in the public service.

18 October 2012 | Public Service

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