Business Leadership Review

For almost ten years, Business Leadership Review has been the forum for leadership development and postgraduate management education. This quarterly journal is a resource designed to bridge the gap between leaders, managers, academics and those at the forefront of management education. It provides a range of insights from the academic and practitioner communities. 

First published in 2004, BLR is produced by the Evidence + Ideas Lab, the Association of MBAs’ think tank and data bank. The BLR features articles written by prominent academics, management practitioners, students and employers from around the world, and has a subscriber base of over 4,000. 

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Business Leadership Review 3.1

2006 marks the third year of Business Leadership Review, as it continues to develop and grow as the forum for best practice in postgraduate management education. The debate on leadership remains a key issue in both management and management education, and this is reflected in the articles published in the January edition.

Business Leadership Review 2.4

As part of its mission to promote best practice in postgraduate management education, Business Leadership Review is pleased to be co-sponsoring the European Leadership Learning Award, in conjunction with IEDC - Bled School of Management, Exeter Centre for Leadership Studies, ESMT European School of Management and Technology, and Solvay Business School.

Business Leadership Review 2.3

Welcome to the July issue of Business Leadership Review. Remaining true to its mission, Issue 2:3 addresses some of the key contemporary concerns affecting management and management education internationally. The articles presented here focus on leadership and the international MBA market. As in previous issues of BLR, these articles cover both theoretical and practical aspects of best practice in the world of leadership and management.

Business Leadership Review 2.2

Welcome to the April edition of Business Leadership Review. The scope of articles in Issue 2:2 illustrates the range and relevance of BLR to the world of leadership and postgraduate management education, analysing theoretical and academic issues whilst maintaining a practical orientation.

Business Leadership Review 2.1

Welcome to the first issue of Business Leadership Review for 2005. Now in its second year, BLR will be strengthening its position as the forum for best practice in postgraduate management education, featuring articles from prominent academics and practitioners covering areas such as business leadership, management education and development, and MBA markets.

Business Leadership Review 1.3

Welcome to the third issue of Business Leadership Review, the last in 2004. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our contributors to Business Leadership Review so far – the quality of their articles has helped to position the Review as a valuable forum for the promotion of best practice in postgraduate management education.