Business Leadership Review

For almost ten years, Business Leadership Review has been the forum for leadership development and postgraduate management education. This quarterly journal is a resource designed to bridge the gap between leaders, managers, academics and those at the forefront of management education. It provides a range of insights from the academic and practitioner communities. 

First published in 2004, BLR is produced by the Evidence + Ideas Lab, the Association of MBAs’ think tank and data bank. The BLR features articles written by prominent academics, management practitioners, students and employers from around the world, and has a subscriber base of over 4,000. 

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Business Leadership Review 7.3

In this issue, Jim Playfoot highlights the changing influence of technology on our day to day lives; Robert MacFarlane challenges us to think about decision making in crisis and asks us to consider where we might be going wrong; Nga T.P. Pham, Mien S. R. Segers and Wim H. Gijselaers consider the effect of personal motivation on the extent to which professionals put what they learn through training into practice; Stephen Long argues more directly for the impact of the global recession on management practices; and in his regular 'Corner', Pierre Casse offers practical ideas about how to embrace the digital age and use it to our benefit.

Business Leadership Review 7.2

Some months ago, Sir Martin Sorrell, the Head of WPP, the world’s second-largest advertising group, warned the world that the economy is back in the ‘bath’ – a vicious recession that is hitting corporate revenues. The four articles in this issue offer several ideas and suggestions for facing these challenges.

Business Leadership Review 7.1

This first issue of Business Leadership Review which kicks off the new decade raises some interesting questions for you to consider. What kind of leadership capabilities do you think are crucial for today’s turbulent world? How do you learn and develop such capabilities? What lessons do you think leaders can learn from our understanding and experience of sexuality? What other areas of common experience could we mash up to stimulate our creative thinking? How do we deal with ambiguity and as leaders how can we use it as a source of innovation? And what about those leaders with whom we have contact, who manipulate those around them with questionable intent? How should we recognise and deal with them?

Business Leadership Review 6.4

This DBA special issue of Business Leadership Review, guest-edited by directors of accredited DBA programmes, provides an opportunity to showcase the research being undertaken across accredited DBA programmes worldwide. All the papers consider the theoretical underpinnings of the research and its methodology but the main emphasis is upon the practical application of the knowledge to the advancement of management practice in a broad context.

Business Leadership Review 6.3

Power, politics, rational and creative thinking, and luck are all on the menu in this issue – all suitably appetising, digestible and nourishing to keep you occupied in self-appraisal and self-development during these dog-days of summer, not to mention economic recession.

Business Leadership Review 6.2

It will come as no surprise that all the articles featured in the latest edition of Business Leadership Review address the theme of leadership in the current global economic situation. The extent of the downturn has raised questions about the quality of all aspects of our political, economic and social leaders, in terms of how they are developed and trained, how they act and interact, and the structures that they build and institutionalise.