Business Leadership Review

For almost ten years, Business Leadership Review has been the forum for leadership development and postgraduate management education. This quarterly journal is a resource designed to bridge the gap between leaders, managers, academics and those at the forefront of management education. It provides a range of insights from the academic and practitioner communities. 

First published in 2004, BLR is produced by the Evidence + Ideas Lab, the Association of MBAs’ think tank and data bank. The BLR features articles written by prominent academics, management practitioners, students and employers from around the world, and has a subscriber base of over 4,000. 

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Business Leadership Review 9.1

In this issue, Jacob Park, Runa Sarkar and Rick Bunch discuss sustainability in Chinese and Indian management education programmes; Dr Carol Burbank examines sustainable business practice; Wenjin Dai, Parisa Gilani, Caroline Rook and Eva Oyon present outcomes from ILA's 13th Annual Global Conference; Caroline van Leenders shares her experience of mobilising sustainable development; Jonathan Gosling and colleagues describe 'crowd sourcing' methodology used at the ILA conference; and Professor Pierre Casse invites you to consider whether you have what it takes to become an opportunity leader.

Business Leadership Review 8.4

In this issue, Richard Bolden introduces the challenges to business leadership posed by climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation; Ward Crawford examines holistic sustainability in leadership; Sandy Rodger offers a suggested strategy whereby leaders can drive change; Steve Venton highlights the complex problem of the Earth's continuing abilities to maintain a stable environment; David L. Francis, Helen Price and Steve Downing describe the learning journey of educators delivering a sustainable development programme; Teo Greenstreet identifies the growth of 'Cultures of Sustainability'; Sue Chapman reviews 'Leadership for Sustainability: An Action Research Approach'; and in his regular 'Corner', Professor Pierre Casse discusses three ways to view strategic leadership in a changing world.

Business Leadership Review 8.3

In this issue, Editor Mark Stoddard highlights the latest trends in admissions for accredited MBA programmes worldwide; Preston C. Bottger and Jean-Louis Barsoux address the pitfalls in systems for developing high potential leadership candidates; Mike Johnson reviews 'Boundary Spanning Leadership: Six Practices for Solving Problems, Driving Innovation and Transforming Organizations'; Sheila Cameron reviews 'MBA in Action: How You Can Succeed in Making Millions'; and in his regular 'Corner', Professor Pierre Casse looks at the role of the leader as a fighter, focusing on three key dimensions over which good leaders are constantly in battle.

Business Leadership Review 8.2

In this issue, Professor Sharon Turnbull introduces the theme of 'Leadership for Today’s Global Challenges'; Matthew Gitsham, Mark Pegg and Vicki Culpin discuss the shifting landscape of global challenges from a social and economic perspective; Fiona Beddoes-Jones calls for a new philosophy of leadership that focuses more than ever on trust, transparency and ethics; Martin Clarke focuses on how 21st century leaders can build trust and engagement that goes beyond the superficial; Professor Pierre Casse and Renn Zaphiropoulos provocatively discuss the power of expectations in relation to leadership today; and Mark Stoddard outlines the changes made in the Association’s newly launched accreditation criteria, designed to ensure that the MBA is adapting to this changing and challenging business environment.

Business Leadership Review 8.1

In this issue, Professor José Luis Alvarez introduces the challenge for managers in employing effective change processes; Dr. Stephen Long provides a useful summary of the best change practices; Richard Taylor offers a reminder that change is not a one-shot managerial process, but the way leaders should go about discharging their duties; Associate Professor Eoin Banahan examines the difficulties of implementing mergers and acquisitions; and in his regular 'Corner', Professor Pierre Casse is joined by Professor Sharon Turnbull to argue whether male leaders are more effective than their female counterparts, or vice versa.

Business Leadership Review 7.4

In this issue, Peter Lorange outlines his vision for a new type of institution, offering a ten point approach to revise the modern business school´s modus operandi; Dr Nenad Filipović investigates innovation on the MBA; Jean Pierre Lehmann offers business school academics and practitioners a comprehensive picture of the transformations taking place in the 21st century; Nadya Zhexembayeva elaborates on the links between business strategy and sustainable development; Danica Purg and Ian Sutherland argue that arts-based leadership development can prepare leaders for the issues and challenges of the 21st century; and in his regular 'Corner', Professor Pierre Casse explores the issue of leadership and boredom.