Business Leadership Review

For almost ten years, Business Leadership Review has been the forum for leadership development and postgraduate management education. This quarterly journal is a resource designed to bridge the gap between leaders, managers, academics and those at the forefront of management education. It provides a range of insights from the academic and practitioner communities. 

First published in 2004, BLR is produced by the Evidence + Ideas Lab, the Association of MBAs’ think tank and data bank. The BLR features articles written by prominent academics, management practitioners, students and employers from around the world, and has a subscriber base of over 4,000. 

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Business Leadership Review Special Edition Issue 12 Volume 1

In this special DBA issue, Costas A. Photiou looks at Employee ‘Line of Sight’: the key to unlocking human capital potential?; Neha Chatwani discusses how are organisational identity and knowledge transfer linked?; Rana Jisr looks at tacit knowledge, knowledge sharing & innovation performance; Amirah Bahaaudeen studies the impact of data warehouses on decision making; Nabil G. Badr explores the integration of IT based business model Innovation in IT services companies; Ma’ruf examines why and how Indonesian hotels adopt environmental strategies; and why and how Indonesian hotels adopt environmental strategies

Business Leadership Review 10.2

In this issue, Dr W B Howieson explores Barack Obama's response to the BP Deepwater Horizon Crisis; Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas introduces Talent Management 2; Dr Michael Walton outlines the PRISM framework; and Dr George B. Murgatroyd overviews the Association of MBAs' Career Survey 2013. Professor Pierre Casse's regular Casse's Corner considers complexity and creativity in listening. Dr Richard Bolden of the University of Exeter Business School is editor and his editorial draws together this issue's theme of Change and Complexity.

Business Leadership Review 10.1

In this issue, Jim Playfoot examines the challenge of preparing tomorrow’s leaders for an uncertain future; Jim Playfoot, George Murgatroyd and Mark Stoddard offer a concise summary of AMBA's research into how management education may need to evolve in the face of a changing workforce; Professor Pierre Casse's regular Casse's Corner considers Managing Creative Workers - The New Leadership Challenge; and L. Taquin, E. Vitry and Professor Pierre Casse explore leadership coaching, citing a project conducted with a group of high potentials during 2012.

Business Leadership Review 9.4

In this issue, Professor Roger Gill evaluates the moral value of trust in leaders as being central to effective leadership; Professor Paul George Claudel explores what is meant by “corruption” and why it is seen as unethical and damaging; Professor Pierre Casse examines how corruption can easily proliferate within organisations if it is not remedied and, in his regular Casse's Corner, considers whether we are all, in truth, corruptible.

Business Leadership Review 9.3

In this issue, Eoin Banahan reflects on the importance of flexibility and change in today's business world; Professor Paul George Claudel and Professor Pierre Casse examine why and how it takes courage for leaders to live up to their responsibilities; George B Murgatroyd provides an overview of AMBA's latest research into the MBA market for 2011; Alan Fowler questions whether a prediction model for businesses is productive or profitable; and Professor Pierre Casse, in his regular 'Corner', considers barriers leaders face to crafting and selling the dream.

Business Leadership Review 9.2

In this issue, Mark Stoddard reflects on the regional differences that impact business beliefs and policies in order to build effective global networks; Dr Eric Jean Garcia outlines findings from his research amongst prominent business leaders in France; Professor Elizabeth Sadova and Professor Pierre Casse assess traits of Russian decision making; Professor Donovan A. McFarlane discusses some key features of the current accreditation system in the USA; and in his regular "Corner", Professor Pierre Casse invites readers to appraise their own readiness to embark on new leadership challenges.