Business Leadership Review 7.2

Dr. Jean Marie Hiltrop 
Visiting Professor of HRM and Organisational Behaviour at the TiasNimbas Business School, Jacobs University & ESMT Berlin.

Are You Wasting or Using Talent? 
How to Survive and Thrive by Becoming a Talent Rich Organisation

Sheila Udall
D’Accord Coaching and Consulting Limited &
Stan Szaroleta
SWS Consulting (UK) Limited

Designing Systems That Develop Leaders: 
Putting Experience Not Competence At the Heart of Leadership Development 
Dr. Mark Jenner
MJA Leadership Consulting, Visiting Lecturer University of Middlesex

Can Line Managers Ever be Effective Coaches? 
Jeff Matthews
Managing Partner, The Madison Group

Casse’s Corner 12: Egocentric or Humble? Leadership in Question 
Professor Pierre Casse
SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management &
Professor Sharon Turnbull
Director of the Research Centre for Applied Leadership at The Leadership Trust

Accreditation Review 7.2: 2010 Criteria Review
Mark Stoddard
Accreditation Projects Manager, Association of MBAs

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Publication date: 13 April 2010
Author: Association of MBAs
Price: Free