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Webinar: Thrive in your global career and life

Given that mobility is here to stay, it’s essential to understand what makes a difference in building a successful global career and life. This webinar will explore what it takes to pursue a global career by planning and executing successful transitions. When expat assignments go wrong, it is often because of personal – rather than professional – reasons.

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14 Mar, 12:00 to 13:00


Webinar: A new science: evolutionary marketing

Marketing today is based on psychology. However, the roots of human behaviour are in biology. In establishing for the first time the links between many scientific disciplines, a ground-breaking research helps marketers take more scientifically objective decisions, sharpen their brand messages and increase the efficiency of their communication budget.

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09 Apr, 12:00 to 13:00

Global Conference 2019 - Istanbul

Global Conference 2019

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Our speakers will include some of the world’s leading Deans and CEOs, plus insights and examples of some of the most powerful emerging technologies set to revolutionise management education. These will include artificial intelligence-enhanced programmes such as the ‘Robot Tutor’ and the latest update on the ‘3D Hologram Professor’, which generated so much interest in Stockholm earlier this year.

Istanbul InterContinental Hotel

13 May to 15 May


Business School Professionals Conference 2019

Programme Managers, Marketing & Admissions and Alumni & Careers staff from leading business schools come together here to discuss the latest industry developments.

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WU Executive Academy

01 Jul to 02 Jul

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