Thrive in your global career and life


According to a survey by PwC, 71% of millennials want and expect to have at least one international assignment during their careers. International assignee levels already have increased by 25% over the past decade and are expected to rise a further 50% by 2020.

Given that mobility is here to stay, it’s essential to understand what makes a difference in building a successful global career and life. This webinar will explore what it takes to pursue a global career by planning and executing successful transitions. When expat assignments go wrong, it is often because of personal – rather than professional – reasons.

Making smooth international transitions involves both understanding the key principles that should guide one’s decisions and actions and having solid strategies for approaching each phase of the process. Guiding principles include understanding the impact of personality, anticipating the stages of adjustment, and knowing how to create a sense of ‘home.’

Good strategies help current or aspiring globally mobile professionals make informed decisions, plan their transitions and settle into new roles and locations.




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