Webinar: The new organisation of today – the rise of teams



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Today 90% of what we do in business happens through collaborative effort. This makes teamwork an imperative for every organisation.

Teams have risen to the top of the agenda as organizations seek to meet the challenges of an increasing complicated world. This seminar addresses the need to develop a team-based culture in organisations and the importance of corporate team-based strategy (CTS) in rethinking organisational design.

Based on his recent book Wake up and smell the coffee – the imperative of teams this is a seminar presented by an expert in the field who holds considerable passion for the subject and strong views on the issues and expresses them. It is a thought-provoking session and for some, they may not like the answers.

About the speaker

Simon Mac Rory

Simon Mac Rory is the founder and CEO of The ODD Company, a team effectiveness specialist organisation, providing a cloud-based team effectiveness platform, TDP, and methodology designed to be self-serve for team leaders. Simon is an experienced, international conference guest speaker on the topics of corporate team strategy, organisational development, employment law, strategic HR policy development and reflective practice in doctoral studies.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee is available to buy online.

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Location: Online
Date: 12 February 2019
Time: 12:00 to 13:00
Is this event for me: This event is free for AMBA members to attend.