Webinar: Should strategies be implemented or operationalised, and what’s the difference?


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If the purpose of developing strategy is to define strategic intent, then the purpose of executing strategy is to turn that strategic intent into operational reality. 

But how should strategy execution be undertaken? Should it be implemented or operationalised – and what’s the difference? 

Implementation is the execution of a predefined plan. While this approach is appropriate for strategies that have well-defined or predictable outcomes, its weakness is that it assumes organisations are deterministic and programmable, but we all know they are not and that they can behave unpredictably when attempts are made to change them.

Operationalising strategy takes a different approach. It creates a context where employees can use their experience and apply their expertise to pull the organisation to its target future. The challenge is that it needs to be embedded within the organisation in ways that lead to intellectual, emotional and physical engagement. 

Essentially the difference is between pushing an organisation into the future and pulling it.

This webinar will argue that most strategies – especially those designed to significantly shift an organisation’s trajectory to one that leads to an improved future – should be operationalised rather than implemented

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About the speaker

david traffordDr David Trafford is a consultant, advisor and coach with over 30 years’ experience in helping executives and leadership teams deliver successful change, specifically technology-enabled change. After starting his career as an engineer, and spending five years as a Research Fellow, he moved into consulting, and over the years has advised and supported numerous organisations in developing strategies and delivering change. Most recently his focus has been on organisations that aim either to create a truly digital business, or to make their existing business more digitally enabled.

David is a co-founder and Managing Director of Formicio, an advisory firm that provides thought leadership and thought partnership on all aspects of assessing, developing and operationalising strategy. David is the co-author of Beyond Default – Setting Your Organisation on a Trajectory to an Improved Future.

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Location: Online
Date: 29 November 2018
Time: 12:00 to 13:00
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