Game Changing Teams


It is increasingly difficult to distil the perfect recipe for a game-changing team.

In practice, leadership is an intricate constellation or blend of capabilities and qualities and a definition of ‘the perfect team’ is too simplistic for the complexity of business we face.

But if we want to change the game, we must recognise and recruit players who might not fit the moulds we’ve cast over the years. New perspectives and approaches on teamwork, collaboration and leadership as we know it are needed.

Organisations are searching for game changers to lead them into new markets with ground-breaking products and stellar services. But creating a game changing business future is a team endeavour.

From this new thinking and practice emerges a new framework for leadership and team building. This framework is multidimensional, strengths-based, and it works with an individuals preferred contribution in role, or proclivity.

Imagine an approach to teamwork that is not so much about the personality of the leader and a way of being in the world, as it is about providing the licence and freedom at work to explore your natural inclinations and really leverage them for business benefit?

How would that change the futures we create? In this approach we focus on developing impact regardless of age, race, gender, personality or level within an organisation. We also recognise and support that there are many different ways to lead and be led.

Last year AMBA has teamed up with The GC Index to carry out important research exploring leadership and team dynamics and in this exclusive webinar for AMBA members, we reveal the results. The study looks at the ideas of influence within collaborative teams as well as leadership, conflict and defining the individual strengths that lead to shared success.

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Dr John Mervyn Smith: Chief Psychologist at the GC IndexJohn_Mervyn-Smith 

Dr John Mervyn-Smith has been assessing leadership capabilities, and coaching senior executives and their teams, for almost 30 years.

In his role as Chief Psychologist, at The GC Index, he works with leaders worldwide to transform their organisations, through the use of coaching and The GC Index® framework, to create a culture where everyone is able to make their game-changing impact at work. His research, The DNA of a Game Changer and The DNA of a Game-Changing Team, focuses on the premise that organisations are neglecting the very talent, which has the potential to transform the future. John’s work shows it’s only a game-changing team that can achieve step change innovation and transformation that has longevity.

He has been a guest lecturer at the IOD, INSEAD and The Cranfield School of Management. He has published on the topics of leadership, relationship development and emotional resilience, and he speaks regularly at corporate events, conferences and workshops, to help motivate individuals and leaders to focus on ‘real impact’. He worked with Dr Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology, to develop The GC Index®, an organometric and the first assessment instrument to identify Game Changers and the game-changing contributions individuals and teams can make. The GC Index® provides the framework and language that gives individuals clear focus for maximising their contribution.

John started his career in the NHS working as a Senior Clinical Psychologist. He since held Director-level roles at Kiddy and Company, Kaisen, Cedar International, Quality Forum and Misura Consulting. John has also worked as a Managing Partner of The Oxford Consulting Group. He has a BSc and PhD in Psychology from London University, is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a founding member of the Division for Coaching Psychology and an APECS Accredited Executive Coach. John’s interests include leadership development and emotional resilience, along with charity fundraising and the theatre. He is also regularly asked to carry out psychological assessments for contestants on reality television shows.

The GC Index is a scientific framework which enables individuals, teams and organisations to identify how they make their impact and how they can change the game. It doesn’t measure personality type, skills or leadership qualities, instead focusing on the preferred inclination of how individuals contribute to a project, role or organisation. It is revolutionising the way that individuals, teams and organisations operate, shifting mindsets to focus on impact.

Based on detailed analyses of businesses and their leaders, the GC Index has ascertained five clearly identifiable roles discovered that are needed for a team that delivers:

  • The Game Changer – Transforms the future by creating original ideas
  • The Strategist – Maps the future by making sense of great ideas
  • The Implementer – Builds the future by making great ideas happen
  • The Polisher – Creates a future to be proud of by making great ideas brilliant
  • The Play Maker – Orchestrates the future by bringing great ideas together

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