Innovation in an Age of Uncertainty

Which path?

Living with uncertainty has become our new normal. Whether it’s a surprise election result, rollercoaster stock markets, or competition from disruptors; there is constant change in the world. Though, in recent years, the type of change has evolved. No longer are we faced with classic change management, instead we are in a period of hyper-change, recognised only by the speed at which it happens.

Partly driven by a digital and technological revolution - artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning – and partly driven by the unpredictable economical and political climate; hyper-change isn’t about management. It’s about adaptability; forcing you to do something different. And to look harder for more insight -the problem isn't always in plain sight.

Uncertain times will require us to change the way we lead. Change, by its very nature, is uncomfortable.  But there are structures and processes that we can put in place to support us through this change.

New thinking, adapting, and innovating are the only ways modern day businesses can survive in this new normal. The only way they can sustain, grow, and profit for many years to come. Just consider the journeys of Kodak, Blackberry, and Woolworths over the past decade.

In this webinar innovation expert ‘Mok’ O’Keeffe will discuss innovation in the age of uncertainty. How do you future-proof yourself before you even think about innovating? How do you bring peers, colleagues and teams along with you on the innovation journey? How can you lead in the innovation age?  What structures and processes can you put in place to support you? And who does it well and what can we learn from them?

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'Mok' O'Keeffe'Mok' O'Keeffe, Founder, The Innovation Beehive

MOK has over 15 years’ experience in HR roles at Harrods, Boots and Yum! Restaurants. He has led organisational innovation teams in London and New York where he worked with the likes of Google, Bank of America and W L Gore.

MOK supports the Executive Education programmes at Ashridge Business School and regularly partners with the Roffey Park Institute to deliver innovation training as part of their wider leadership programmes. MOK has also lectured on the MA in Innovation Management at Central St Martins and is a frequent speaker on Innovation for business and professional bodies.

He founded The Innovation Beehive in 2008 with the vision 'to release the creative energy of people at work'. He has visited and worked with some of the most innovative businesses in the world and has identified the six key elements they all share – The Must Bees of Innovation Culture. Any business leader can take these six principles and adapt them to their business to make it more innovative, customer focused and successful.

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