How To Find Your Hidden Productivity and Get More Done In Your Day

Looking for treasure.

In this webinar Ian Luckett shares with you the fundamentals of finding your hidden minutes in your day. Considering all the distractions and demands put upon us in daily life in 2017, Ian explains some simple steps and a formula to help us navigate these obstacles and get the balance right between your own  work life, your home life and your MBA.

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ian LuckettAbout Ian Luckett
After a 20-year career at a senior level in the corporate world, Ian has set up Innovate to Success, with one main objective – To help people in business become more productive all while reducing unhealthy stress.

He understands and has encountered the level of overwhelm and constant obstacles that you encounter in the business environment and he is an expert in corporate personal productivity strategies.

Executed correctly these strategies will help you add extra value to your personal brand and your organisation, which will ultimately fast track your career.

He lives in Bedfordshire, UK, and has been married for 22 years to his very supportive wife and has two teenage sons. In addition to running his company, he also runs a small property portfolio all alongside giving a considerable amount of his time back to his local community.

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Location: Online
Date: 19 July 2017
Time: 13.00 to 14.00
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