Where is the World of Digital Learning Going?

Jeni EvansInaugural Conference for Business School Professionals exhibitor and speaker Jeni Evans, Senior Account Executive, VitalSource shares insights into her session and examines how Business Schools are incorporating digital into their learning and teaching.

Can you give us a sneak preview into what your presentation will comprise? 

As part of the international team at VitalSource, I try to stay on top of behaviour patterns in my regions. Where is digital growing fastest? Are students becoming more sophisticated in their use of digital? Which factors influence student engagement and satisfaction? Using a combination of data, case studies and the results of some commissioned research I will be answering these questions and more. Expect it to be informative, practical and surprising. 

Can you give us some examples of how digital learning is being incorporated into teaching at leading business schools? Will this trend continue? 

Teaching staff incorporate digital into their work in many different ways. It is common to build deep links into the Virtual Learning Environment or Learning Management System in order to take students seamlessly to the correct content in their own copy of the eTextbook. This allow lecturers to weave content into the module and into assignments. Many lecturers are now embracing social learning, encouraging students to share notes and highlights on eTextbooks in order to facilitate group work. Others add value by making their own notes to question assumptions or refer to additional reading. 

The most exiting areas for business schools are probably the VitalSource Content Suite which allows institutions to create and deliver their own interactive content, and GPS powered by Cerago, which introduces a guided, personal study experience. 

Can you give us some suggestions as to how digital learning impacts on schools performance?

In my session I will share feedback from a number of business schools. With the increase in transnational education, business schools are raising their game to attract the best students. That means embracing all the benefits that digital can offer. Many business schools that we work with started out as small pilot programmes, but are now being rolled out across the institution. Some schools focus on the administrative benefits: streamlined processes and access to usage data to identify efficiencies. Others have focused on adding value to the teaching and learning process, and thus driving student satisfaction. The most successful schools have aligned senior management, administration and teaching staff in order to transition to reposition their brand with an emphasis on innovation. 

What advice would you give to b-school professionals to get ahead of the curve? 

Come along to my session at Porto! Regardless of your current expertise in digital, you will build your understanding of this essential area of teaching and learning and leave with a better understanding of what works – and what is already possible. Engaging with digital is the first step. Set up a free VitalSource account. Explore inspection copies online and experience digital first hand. Learn from the market. VitalSource regularly hold events where customers, including business schools, talk about their experience of introducing digital. Learn from their challenges and their successes. To view material from our most recent day in London visit https://www.vitalsource.com/en-uk/vitalsource-day/

Building on her career as a bookseller and working for a top educational publisher, Jeni Evans has spent the last 4 years working for VitalSource, a technology company which provides publishers and higher education institutions with the most immersive products and digital technologies available.  These include innovations such as customized solutions, learning tools and analytics that can transform teaching and learning deliver benefits to students, teaching staff, administrators and curriculum creators. 

Jeni has worked with institutions across Europe, Africa and Australasia  and has hands on experience of supporting hundreds of institutions as they transition from print to digital.  She initiating and delivered the largest programme in the UK, at Plymouth University and is increasing working with MBA schools,  and institutions competing in the distance learning space.  Through working with so many institutions, at every stage of the process, Jeni is uniquely positioned to provide insight into what makes a successful digital programme. She regularly speaks at industry events in the UK and Europe sharing best practice and current trends.

Jeni will be speaking at AMBA's Inaugural Conference for Business School Professionals in Porto, taking place on 14 and 15 June 2016.