How Business Schools can maximise the value from data to attract and convert students

Steve Evans, Founder and CEO, Net Natives

Inaugural Conference for Business School Professionals exhibitor and speaker Steve Evans, Founder and CEO, Net Natives shares some excellent suggestions on efficiently collecting and using data to maximise your brand reach and convert students worldwide.

Every time you use a social network, search for something, use and app on your phone, attend an event, visit a website, call an organisation or even listen or watch something on demand programmes or online videos, you could be leaving behind a digital footprint that builds your profile which can be used in marketing campaigns. This data is essential in targeting, tracking, converting and building creative intelligence.

By using the expertise, tools and tactics employed by leading global retailers and FMCG brands, Net Natives’ education clients are seeing brand awareness and conversions skyrocket.

At AMBA’s Inaugural Conference for Business School Professionals in Porto this June, I am going to be sharing practical top tips for how to collect and use your data to increase your brand reach and convert students from around the world.

I’ll start with a series of simple to implement tricks around your website analytics, sharing what matters and how to set it up your GA correctly to match and simply report on your objectives.

Then I will give a run through of the top tips for collecting enquiry and application data. How we as an agency track “leads” from the different marketing sources and how leads can be scored at point of enquiry.

This is going to lead me nicely (I hope) into a quick discussion about using lead data to inform nurturing and customer journey strategies with a discussion around how we do it as an agency for our clients and a list of the different marketing automation tools available.

Then I will talk about the latest techniques in data expansion and how you can use your data to grow your audience and inform more effective media buys. And I will, no doubt, go into a rant, making some blunt points about the perils of poor programmatic buying strategies!

At this point, I will probably share a case study to show how correctly implemented tracking can help inform which creative is performing.

There are some quite cool tools out there that give you data which show you what your competitor schools are doing online to help inform decisions, so I’ll naturally share them.

And, finally, I’ll talk about the future of data and how Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are going to impact data usage and conversion tactics in the future. Oh, and if we have time, I will talk about the impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and how this will impact you now that the shape of the EU's future data is clear. But you may want to save that for the Q&A session!

So just a few things to cover! If you think that you may find any of the above topics interesting and that these practical tips will help in your day job, then please join me at 2pm in Porto for my keynote speech.