Seeing around corners: unlocking value in data

Unlocking data value

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Analytics has become a key driver of competitive advantage for organisations, underpinning new waves of productivity, growth, innovation and customer insights. 

Becoming a data-centric organisation needs more than just data, it requires functional groups to collaborate as a set of fluid, agile, organic teams. An organic team structure will help even the most mechanistic organisations accelerate decision-making and promote innovation.

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Graham HoggGraham Hogg

Graham began his career as a Royal Marines Commando Officer, specialising in Intelligence. Working in Afghanistan, the Southern Arabian Gulf and Sierra Leone, this experience led him to the belief that the level of cognitive diversity and connectivity in teams, fuels understanding. He believes that in the data rich and complex business world leaders face today, using this to build understanding is and will continue to be the source of competitive advantage.

As Leader of Connectworxs, he is passionate about helping teams achieve foresight, by connecting their questions to data to business value, and sharing those insights across organisational silos. This will drive growth for organisations and build the right data-driven culture.

He has recently published the book, Seeing Around Corners and Graham is donating 100% of his book royalties to UK and US Military charities.

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Seeing Around Corers: How to Unlock the Potential of Big Data is available to buy online

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Location: Online
Date: 09 July 2019
Time: 12:00 to 13:00
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