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The Graduate Management Admission Council, (GMAC®), founded in 1953, is an international non-profit association of business schools and owner of the GMAT exam, a standardised exam that tests verbal, quantitative, writing and data-analysis.

GMAC® believes that business and management are critical to the economic, social and financial wellbeing of people worldwide. Our mission is to provide information to improve decision-making about the discovery and evaluation of talent for people involved in, or aspiring to be involved in, business or management.

One of the ways we assist this discovery of talent is through the GMAT exam, used by thousands of graduate and management programmes worldwide to objectively measure the skills shown to help graduate management students succeed in today's challenging classrooms.

We also offer a range of products and services that can help you increase your visibility with prospective students and provide you with an understanding of the trends in the market:

* The Graduate Management Admission Search Service® database (GMASS) contains biographical information provided by registrants (prospective students interested graduate management education) and candidates who have registered to take the GMAT exam. GMASS includes names and contacts for nearly 360,000 students who have opted in to hear from schools. 

* ReflectTM by GMAC, is a self-administered online assessment and self-directed, soft-skills development programme for use by students, professionals, business schools looking to develop leadership skills in the classroom, and corporations working to identify and develop talent in the workplace. 

* GMATCH MBA Virtual Fair is an online recruiting event allowing schools to interact in real time with potential applicants from all over the world. Schools set up virtual exhibit booths and can post brochures and other information for students to download. The most recent GMATCH event took place in October 2012, featuring 80 exhibiting schools from more than 10 countries and 5,000 registrants. 

* Major surveys and benchmark reports that enable you to see your programmes, students, employers, and alumni reflected in the latest data. Use that information to make fact-based organisational decisions in admissions, programme design and career services. 

Visit and for more information on the GMAT exam, our range of products and services, and to access invaluable research and data to help guide your marketing and admissions decisions.