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The Association of MBAs (AMBA) is the globally-renowned business thought leader on postgraduate management education. With an international reputation for excellence, underpinned by our accreditation service, AMBA is recognised as the impartial authority and global standard for all Master in Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Master in Business Management (MBM) programmes.

AMBA is the only international professional body connecting MBA students and graduates, hundreds of accredited business schools and MBA employers in over 110 countries. AMBA Accreditation has been achieved by just 2% of the world’s Business Schools.
We currently have more than 245 accredited schools worldwide, including the top-40 UK business schools, 24 schools in China and Hong Kong and 35 schools in Latin America and Caribbean region. AMBA offers the only professional networking body linking over 30,000 international and professionally diverse MBA students and graduates.

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Every generation, one million MBAs graduate from our over 245 accredited schools around the world. AMBA MBA Community of current and future organisation leaders has the potential to exert such a huge and positive influence globally, shaping businesses, government policies, environmental issues and countries’ future wealth creation.

Our vision is to bring this AMBA Member Community to reality, working closely with the current thought leaders of today (our schools) and the organisation leaders of today (our members and the world’s leading employers).

Our new Community Networks have been created to help shape the future evolution of teaching methods, curriculum, faculty and global school alliances.

The Employers Membership at AMBA can provide a powerful company resource – through business networking, brand exposure, and unparalleled access to a powerful global network, which includes an immense talent pool of tomorrow’s brightest business leaders. Through our Employers Network, prestigious events, services and online resources, corporate organisations can conveniently tap into our top-calibre network of students and alumni, accredited schools, business school staff and fellow employers.

As an AMBA Employer Member your company, can expect exclusive opportunities including discounted sponsorship opportunities, increased brand recognition and awareness with exclusive access to extraordinary events.

Employers Network

Why join AMBA’s Employers Membership?

  • Access to AMBA’s online Employers Network
  • Conveniently and cost-effectively access AMBA’s global graduate talent
  • Align your organisation to AMBA’s globally recognised premium brand as international business thought leaders
  • Increase profile and awareness of your organisation, products and services within the international education market
  • Demonstrate your commitment and support for business education
  • Renew and strengthen current partnerships
  • Establish new contacts and networks of strategic decision makers

The Association of MBAs is pleased to offer bespoke categories of membership to suit each institution. Members can enjoy varying degrees of access and involvement, and benefits accumulate with increased levels of commitment.

For further information on Employers Membership, or to discuss bespoke corporate packages, please contact: 

Tel: +44 (0)20 7246 2657 | Email: employers@mbaworld.com

Sample packages include but are not limited to the following: