MBA Student of the Year Award 2017

MBA Student of the Year Award

Student of the Year Award 2017


Antoinette Catonia Mia Bailey, CUHK Business School
As a social entrepreneur, Antoinette’s commitment to creating a positive impact for society and the environment can be seen through her various roles, both academically and professionally. During her MBA, Antoinette was elected President of the Student Association, Harvard Business School HPAIR Entrepreneurship and Technology delegate. She also founded the InterMBA Asia initiative to create a sharing economy between Hong Kong’s best and brightest Business Schools. Antoinette has a proven track record in innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social enterprise and she is currently in the process of launching a technology product targeting social impact and sustainability causes.

Highly Commended:

Juan Víctor Fajardo, IESA
Juan Víctor Fajardo is the founding manager of Growing Up in Venezuela, a social programme created by Fundación Genésis, to support private educational institutions in marginalised neighbourhoods of Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Swarthmore College, a Master of Arts in journalism and Latin American studies from New York University, and is finishing his MBA at the AMBA-accredited Institute of Advanced Management Studies (IESA) in Caracas.

About the MBA Student of the Year Award

AMBA’s longest standing MBA Student of the Year Award, proudly sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, plays a pivotal role each year in supporting AMBA’s pledge to promote the MBA's position as the leading international business qualification.
The finalists and winners of this coveted award are the very best performing MBAs who demonstrate outstanding skills and motivation towards becoming tomorrow's business leaders.

The application for 2017 is closed but keep up to date here for 2018 announcements / details