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Developing your personal brand to advance your career

Personal branding has become a crucial skill in the workplace. Katrina Cliffe, Managing Director of KC Communications, gives her insight on personal branding.

15 January 2019

Achieving the halo effect in marketing

A halo effect is the culmination of success in marketing, alliances, brand loyalty and quality products, explains Steve de Mamiel

14 January 2019

The uberisation of executive education

The sharing economy has the potential to disrupt the executive education sector. Clementine Boyer-Duroselle speaks to two experts in the sharing economy to find out more.

13 January 2019

A simple guide to sleeping well

Poor sleep leads to diminished performance and productivity and increased health and safety risks, so it must be addressed by individuals and organisations, writes Dr Neil Stanley.

12 January 2019

The redefinition of employers and employees

The rise of the sharing economy is changing the workplace and how people work. HR Manager Biljana Kocevska Adam discusses this impact this has on employers and employees.

11 January 2019

Developing resilience

For many of us our Monday to Friday contains a fair bit of rushing; to catch the train to work, meet a client or finish a project on time. On top of this things don’t always go according to plan, whether it’s the smaller inconveniences like missing the bus to work (again!) or more significant disappointments, like losing a sale, missing a deadline or missing out on a promotion.

10 January 2019

Defining our purpose as leaders

Speaking at AMBA’s global conference, Peter Tufano argued the need for MBAs to become masters of social change mastery of social change

08 January 2019

Harnessing the power of peer recommendations in the sharing economy

The mistrusted recruitment industry will be disrupted by the sharing economy, so MBAs’ candidate recommendations will be valued highly by their organisations, argues Juliet Eccleston.

07 January 2019

Global expansion the Chinese way

What are the globalisation drivers for Chinese firms and what paths and strategies are they adopting? Katherine Xin provides insights into their motives and approaches.

04 January 2019

Hitting the wall: why mindset matters when growth stalls – and five tips to help get it right

Most businesses hit a wall at some point on their journey. Whether it’s an unexpected event, or a barrier that develops over time, what differentiates the businesses that break through from those that fail is often the mindset of the business leader – and how this is mirrored by others.

02 January 2019

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