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Don’t rise to the bait: how to avoid being reeled in by phishing scams

Phishing scams are still one of the most serious attacks to companies – and they are on the rise. Austen Clark looks at ways organisations can protect themselves

19 March 2019

The art of failing: why we should educate students about failure

Failure is part of life but it isn’t addressed as much as it should be. Deniz Ucbasaran talks about failure, its concepts and the teaching methods surrounding it.

12 March 2019

The rise of teams

The rise of teams is inevitable, according to Simon Mac Rory, and the most successful businesses will be those that adopt team-based assessment approaches

11 March 2019

Out of office: Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is well-connected with the world. You can reach it easily by plane via Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt (named after the former German chancellor) or by train via the Central Station, which has good public transport connections. Of course, you can also reach Hamburg by car via Autobahn (motorway), but bear in mind that it might be busy during peak hours.

07 March 2019

Machine breaking for the Digital Age

From the dangers of the digital halo effect to our use of the term ‘tech billionaire’, Victoria University of Wellington’s Nicholas Agar, author of How to Be Human in the Digital Economy, guides us through reasons to reassess the way we see the leaders of the Digital Age.

06 March 2019

Tomorrow’s cyberwar? Lessons from Ghost in the Shell

Fictional franchise and legendary manga series, Ghost in the Shell provides valuable insights into the ways in which cyber-warfare may develop in the 21st century, say Nicolas Minvielle and Rémy Hémez.

05 March 2019

Focus on the fundamentals

Spirit, soul, mind, and body make up the framework of our nature, but how can business leaders pay attention to all four at the same time to achieve focus? David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling investigate.

04 March 2019

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