Beginning the Journey Towards AMBA Accreditation

PeregrineHow do we know that the higher education we provide today as Business Schools meets or exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders, including students, faculty, employers, regulatory agencies, and internationally recognised accreditation organisations like AMBA? 

What polices, practices, procedures, and leadership concepts are in place to ensure that the academic institution is meeting all of its obligations relative to quality, or at least a plan that is clearly understood which states what activities need to be undertaken for continuous improvement and achieving high quality?

Answers to these key strategic questions will be provided during this dynamic and interactive three day workshop on Begining the journey towards AMBA accreditation. 

By using real-world examples based on the best practices and lessons learned from more than 500 academic institutions from throughout the world, delegates will explore and explain the essential elements and principles associated with academic quality and programmatic accreditation. All participants will be involved in developing clarity regarding their specific aims for quality, AMBA accreditation, and excellence in higher education. 

Stakeholders at all levels are increasing their demands for quality assurance in higher education. Through this workshop, participants will learn what their academic institutions need to do in order to address these demands, provide the highest quality educational experience, prepare for AMBA accreditation, and complete the transformation of the institution into a truly world-class centre of academic excellence.

his workshop is specifically designed for aspiring higher education institutions to determine what they need to accomplish to become eligible to pursue AMBA accreditation. At the end of the workshop, delegates will have a comprehensive action plan to overcome any remaining challenges so that they may pursue AMBA accreditation.

This is a hands-on workshop during which the facilitators will guide participants through a series of exercises designed to develop the strategic framework that the institution will use towards pursing AMBA accreditation.

Key topics for this workshop include:

  • Defining your institution’s mission, vision, and values
  • Leadership and strategic planning
  • AMBA accreditaiton principles
  • Quality assurance
  • Internationally recognized program and institutional accreditation
  • Student Learning - learning outcomes management and assessment
  • Preparing action plans

The recommended participants for this programme include individuals involved in activities related to quality assurance, both academic and operational, for higher education organisations. This should include programme managers, department chairs, deans, directors, and other key leaders who will be involved in the accreditation process.

Workshop learning objectives include:

1. Understanding how assessment of educational courses and programs is used to achieve higher education goals, objectives, and learning outcomes.

2.Understand the strategic context of operational and learning assessment in global higher education

3. Appreciate the quality assurance processes within global higher education.

4. Identify and use different measures for the identified learning outcomes at the course, programme, and institutional levels.

5. Develop a comprehensive strategic plan for AMBA accreditation based on the mission, vision, and values of the organisation.

The key to internationalisation of the higher education institution and AMBA accreditation pertains to the areas of quality, assurance of learning, and leadership. Through a tailored agenda designed to respond to participants’ needs, this seminar will enable participants to gain valuable insights and meaningful results for achieving their desired outcomes. 

By attending this programme, participants will:

  • Improve the internationalisation of the higher education programmes and courses.
  • Learn how to plan, develop, implement, and manage a learning outcomes assessment plan.
  • Gain insights on leadership as it relates to higher education management.
  • Learn how to apply values-based leadership for the participant’s academic institution.
  • Understand the requirements associated with AMBA accreditation.
  • Understand and apply the totality of quality management for the higher education institution.

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