Higher School of Business, Kazan Federal University (KFU)


Main campus

3a, Podluzhnaya Street, Kazan, 420015, Russia

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Accredited programme Programme name Mode of study Duration (in months) Language taught in Cost (£) Country
MBA MBA for Extractive Industries Blended - both onsite and online delivery 24 Russian 10k to 20k Russia
MBA MBA General Blended - both onsite and online delivery 22 Russian 10k to 20k Russia

Being a division of Kazan Federal University, MBA Higher School unites the academic traditions of Kazan University, the growing progressive trend in all spheres of its activity and the business-oriented way of thinking of the modern business community. Our School, being a new educational environment for integration of the global experience and national practice, acts as a site for those who set the rules of the game for their companies.


One of the main tasks of the MBA programmes that we implement is enhancing the professional efficiency and personal motivation of top managers. The acquired new knowledge and skills in working with external environment will allow managers to solve the complex tasks of future management and be on firm ground in the rapidly changing environment.


The abilities that our teachers and business coaches develop in our students, multiplied by intensive communication with the intellectual and ambitious fellow students, create the synergy that changes the vision of business and opens new prospects for individual growth and business development.

The duration of the training programmeы is 2 years. The MBA Programme is aimed primarily at middle and senior management executives in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Volga region. The training programme is presented in a modular format.


We sincerely hope that our graduates are the firm foundation of our business reputation and the token of success!