Ambition front cover Jan18 The search for excellence in an Age of Technology

In this month’s edition of AMBITION, veteran management guru Tom Peters describes a need for a sustained commitment to excellence in business, combined with a commitment to people. He speaks exclusively to David Woods-Hale.


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In this issue:

Growing creative to be effective

Developing close partnerships and alliances around the world is a key strategy for France’s Audencia Business School, which overcomes modest budgets with its creative approach. Audencia’s Dean Emeric Peyredieu Du Charlat shares his thoughts.

Japan’s Age of the MBA

To drive Japan’s business success in the 21st century, young people may need to embrace the MBA over traditional linear career progression within Japanese organisations. 

How platform businesses are rewriting the rules of management

The transition towards a platform economy is beginning and executives can no long rely on previous management wisdom, write Laure Claire and Benoit Reillier. 

A philosophical approach to boardroom morality

Morality in the boardroom is not about process, or creating an ethics committee, but becoming practised in considering moral questions, writes Owen Kelly. 

How to be an impactful decision maker

Your impact is the sum total of the decisions you make, or influence, on behalf of your company. MBAs can accelerate their decision-making impact by acquiring the following traits and tools, writes Tim Lewko.