MBA Innovation Award

Innovation Award

Innovation Award Selection Criteria

Your nomination could be based on an innovative student recruitment campaign, innovation in your programme, in teaching methods, curriculum, or any other aspect of running your Business School / MBA programme which you feel is particularly ground-breaking and should be rewarded for its ingenuity and creativity.

Submissions are invited from accredited schools and should demonstrate innovation around the business. Entries will be welcomed from:

  • Administrations
  • Alumni
  • Leadership
  • Curriculum
  • Other areas with significant innovation impact

 We are looking for evidence that

  • The entry is innovative
  • The market has responded to the initiative
  • There has been an element of risk
  • The innovation has been running for at least three months but less than two years
  • The campaign will enhance the reputation of MBA programmes and our accredited schools

About the MBA Innovation Award

The MBA Innovation Award is a fantastic way to celebrate achievement, motivate and encourage your entire team and let your students, peers, prospects, customers and alumni know how you’re pushing the boundaries in terms of creativity in practice.

This prestigious award is a celebration of innovation and radical thinking in MBA delivery across all areas of the Business School and has been developed to recognise and reward brilliant new practices. It promotes the values of taking risks in pursuit of the new.