MBA Employer and Business School Partnership Award

MBA Employer and Business School Award

Employer and Business School Partnership Award Criteria

The award is open to any employer and Business School that are working strategically and collaboratively in terms of recruitment and talent development in the MBA arena.

AMBA accredited Business Schools are invited to encourage employers they are working closely with in an employer / Business School partnership capacity and whom they think eligible based on the Selection Criteria, to nominate themselves.

We will look for:

  • A clear narrative that demonstrates why the strategy was implemented and how it is having an impact on the MBA talent trajectories as well as the corporate talent pipeline
  • Evidence that the employer has built a firm strategic link with the Business School
  • Evidence that the employer has implemented inclusive recruitment practices in sourcing diverse talent and how the Business School has worked tosuecure this
  • An outline of how the MBA recruitment and development strategy ties in with the organisation's employer brand and the Business School’s corporate strategy – it should be wider and more innovative than simply placing MBAs in roles
  • Evidence of success: how it has strengthened the talent pipeline, please use metrics, anecdotes and case studies

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About the MBA Employer Award

Every generation, more than one million MBAs graduate from AMBA’s more than 240 accredited schools around the world. This community has the potential to exert a huge and positive influence globally, shaping businesses, government policies, environmental issues and countries’ future wealth creation. 

AMBA’s vision is to bring this Member Community to reality, working closely with thought leaders (our schools) and organisational leaders (our members and the world’s leading employers).

As such, MBA Employer and Business School Partnership Award celebrates the businesses that have taken a proactive, positive and strategic approach to the recruitment and talent development of MBA students and graduates, and those that are effectively working with Business Schools to bridge the gap between business thought and business practice.

This award recognises organisations that share AMBA’s passion and have adopted a proactive, innovative approach to MBA attraction, recruitment, talent management and succession planning.

AMBA will present this accolade to an employer that can demonstrate evidence of innovation and bottom line contribution through the focused recruitment and retention of MBA graduates.