Our Values


  • We provide quality in everything we do; in the criteria we set, in the way we conduct our services and activities and in our day to day delivery.
  • We have integrity: we are fair, straightforward and transparent in our processes.
  • We are impartial: representing no particular vested interest and offering a reliable and trustworthy resource for information and services relevant to postgraduate business education.
  • We are collaborative in the way we work together as a team and in the way we work with others to be able to grow.
  • We are global and we reflect this in everything we do – from our staff team to our outreach: members all over the world, global events, offices in Latin America, China and India, international pages on our new website.
  • We are stakeholder-focused: the stakeholder is at the centre of what we do, whether it is the public we are offering a service to, our individual members, our business schools, employers or the press.
Global AMBAssadors