Global AMBAssadors

The Association of MBAs' Global AMBAssadors are the future of MBA leadership, coming from all regions of the world and representing the pinnacle of management education internationally. Each AMBAssador chosen is motivated by personal commitment, energy and the opportunity to contribute ideas to the future of management education and the quality of business leadership.

The fundamental role of a Global AMBAssador is to champion a global MBA alumni network to support their peers' engagement and participation. The Global AMBAssadors inspire others to become active in the network. They are an integral part of promoting accredited MBAs to employers and MBA seekers.

Global AMBAssadors 2014 


Nausherwan Akram

Ashridge Business School, UK
Naush completed an MBA from Ashridge in 2009 and has since been working with ESAB Holdings Ltd, a global leader in welding and cutting, headquartered in London. In his current role, Naush leads Global Business Transformation which involves working with "people", "processes" and "principles of change management" to drive “breakthrough” improvements in the company's top and bottom line performance. He has more than twelve years' of experience in the areas of strategic planning, business development, business process improvement and project/change management. Naush holds a first degree in Electronic Engineering having previously worked for Alstom in the UK, where he started as a graduate trainee before going on to lead a number of international engineering projects with clients including British Aerospace Systems. Naush is also an alumnus of Cranfield Business School and co-founded and managed a professional education consultancy in Pakistan responsible for recruitment of students for 25 UK universities including some in the “top ten”. He is passionate about coaching and mentoring MBA participants to help them “fast track” their development and be the best they can be. Naush is also an avid squash player and loves to cook “spicy” curries in his spare time.

Jonas Abraham Akuffo

Jonas Abraham Akuffo

Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France

Jonas graduated from Grenoble Graduate School of Business in 2009 with distinction for his MBA in Finance. Prior to his MBA study, Jonas was awarded a BA degree in Economics and a postgraduate Masters degree in Business Economics, Finance and Banking. Jonas is now studying for the Joint Doctorate of Business Administration at Grenoble Ecole De Management and Newcastle University Business School. He works as Business and Performance Manager at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. He is responsible for designing an appropriate business and performance management system to benchmark, manage and report on quality delivery of healthcare. Jonas is also an associate lecturer at a London business school, where he lectures and supervises MBA and MSC Finance thesis students. Jonas has considerable business experience within his home country of Ghana, and the UK, in both the private and public sector and has held a number of key positions for various organisations such as Zurich Financial Services, CITI S & L Bank, Kier Group, AIESEC and GGSB/LSBF.

Gretchen Arangies

Gretchen Arangies

University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), South Africa

Gretchen graduated from the Executive MBA programme at Stellenbosch Business School in 2008. She has over 26 years' experience in Human Resources, 23 years of which in Higher Education. She is the Director of Human Resources at Stellenbosch University (SU).

Gretchen has a passion for learning and is regularly involved in seeking new opportunities and taking interventions to utilize systems to its full capacity and continuously improve the processes around that. This motivates her continuous endeavour to make her organization a success through collaboration and teamwork. She also has a strong passion for developing the best potential of her staff as well as other people within her sphere and as such has mentored a number of people. Being a dynamic go-getter, Gretchen is constantly looking for ways in which to enhance her experience and continue to be of service to her organization and fellow man. For her it is all about adding value to people's lives by developing and transforming them.

Her winning submission to the Global AMBAssador Challenge awarded her the opportunity to represent AMBA at the Global Compact (PRME) conference in Rio in June 2012.


Ian Brydson

Strathclyde Business School, UK

Ian completed the full time MBA programme at Strathclyde in 2013. He completed his thesis on social media channel strategy for an organisation, achieving a distinction award. Following from this Ian founded Brydson Ltd, specialising in digital strategy development for SME’s.
Ian is a farmer’s son and held a 12 year long career in agriculture. This began with leaving school at 16 to feed cattle, progressing 7 years later to product manager for Claas, who are a market leader in harvesting equipment. He has also completed a Bachelors degree in Engineering with Marketing & Management and worked in Australia and Germany. At Claas Ian led many initiatives including generating a training programme which contributed to a £1.2 million increase in UK turnover. Along with growing his business, Ian is very interested in how agriculture will meet the challenge of feeding a rising global population, and aims to raise public awareness of farming through social media.

Hemant Chandran

Hemant Chandran

Strathclyde Business School, UK

Hemant Chandran is an MBA candidate at the Strathclyde Business School. A finance professional with over 5 years of experience in U.S. real estate and securitisation, Hemant has gained experience in a gamut of areas such as leases, real estate valuation, mortgage underwriting and CDO payment date verification. He has also gained hands-on experience in training development and delivery, mentoring, team-building, quality control, project management as well as client relationship and development. In his last role as Senior Associate for CrownBridge Legal India Pvt Ltd, he worked closely with the US and India management teams in conceptualising and implementing new business functions. Hemant has wide-ranging interests such as investing in the stock markets, professional networking, leading and participating in community service initiatives, among others. As a Global AMBAssador, Hemant hopes to be a point of contact for pre-MBA enquiries and network amongst the MBA community.

Bruce Cooper

Bruce Cooper

EM Lyon Business School, France

Bruce completed a full-time MBA at EM Lyon, France. During his MBA Bruce was involved in successful business plan competitions in the US and UK, and was accepted to an academic exchange in Brazil. Since 2001, Bruce has been working as a consultant in France for the steel, gas, energy, petro-chemicals and aviation industries, assisting foreign companies with the securing of contracts in the French marketplace. His services range from technical translating, interpreting, and technical training to assist in responding to calls for tender, contract negotiation and project co-ordination on behalf of foreign partners working in France. Bruce has an international background: academically he was educated in the UK, Germany, France, and Brazil; he has worked in Australia, Germany, France and the UK and he speaks English, French, and German.

Kim Dienhoff

Kim Dienhoff

Monash University Faculty of Business and Economics, Australia

Kim Dienhoff works in communications and stakeholder relations at IDP Education as a result of her love for working with people who are interested in the bigger picture of education and her passion for helping to improve the world around us. She completed a full time MBA at Monash University in 2012 during which she completed projects in the tourism and mining industries. With a career that started in radiation oncology, Kim's ability to manage people, technology, expectations, and complexity whilst growing the business saw her rise to senior management of a large international healthcare software provider. Although born in Australia, Kim has lived in several countries and travelled extensively.

Diane Drummond

Diane Drummond

University of Waikato Management School, New Zealand

Diane has enjoyed an extensive background within New Zealand's tourism industry. Having started her career working within sales and marketing in the passenger transportation industry, she has progressed her career into management roles, including the YMCA, Comvita New Zealand, Tourism Bay of Plenty and as a general manager for Shore Trips and Tours. Currently she works within the tertiary education sector passing her knowledge of management and tourism onto the next generation. She is skilled in offshore trade marketing. After completing an MBA with Distinction in 2011, she is now also a of Director of Med Horizonz, a company which specialises in Medical Tourism bringing Americans into New Zealand for medical intervention, runs a start-up business called ManukaMoon which focusses on the the New Zealand honeymoon market. In addition she also runs an importing business, bringing goods from the USA into New Zealand. Diane is currently the Chair of the Corporate Executive and Education Alumni Group at the University of Waikato.


Carl Fransman

Solvay Brussels School

Carl graduated from the Solvay Brussels School MBA programme in 2004. He spent nine years in the graphic arts industry before returning to his engineering subject: ICT. Carl has led production, sales and services teams. Most recently, he was active as the Managing Director EMEA for MCA Solutions.
Carl believes the value of an MBA relies as much in acquiring soft skills as in learning the specifics of business economics, especially in today's global, multi-cultural environment.
Carl is the president of the MBA Solvay Advisory Board. He is also a board member of Hinicio, a consulting company focusing on renewable energies and of the Friends of the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels.

Hana Grant

Hana Grant

University of Waikato Management School, New Zealand

Hana graduated from Waikato Management School with her MBA in 2010 and is now working as the Service Development Manager for the Maori Organisation, Poutiri Trust. Her role is to build the capability and capacity of the eighteen managers who provide health contracts to their small communities within the Bay of Plenty region. She began her career at the age of eighteen with a local government organisation, where she stayed for sixteen years in many different roles. It was her next role in a private company as a vocational practitioner that inspired her to apply for an MBA. At the end of 2011, she was invited by a professor from the University of Waikato to co-author a Maori organisation case study book with him and two other prominent Maori role models within New Zealand. The title of the book is "Te Rau Huia - Pakihi Maaori" which means "Excellence in Maori Businesses." Hana's role is to connect with Maori business leaders and allow them to tell their story, to hopefully influence and motivate other aspiring Maori business men and women.


Rozenn Herviou

Rozenn is a full-time MBA in Responsible Management student at Audencia Nantes School of Management. For the past ten years, Rozenn has focused her career in Marketing and Retail on various brands in the French Luxury Industry, specialising in the Customer Relationship Management. In 2007 Rozenn started her own business in France in the field of Interior Decoration.

She got motivated to study an MBA after measuring the consequences of the financial crisis of 2007/2008 and the impact which it had on the challenged business managers who had to face the globalization.

During her MBA Rozenn was accepted to an academic exchange with the Politecnico di Milano in Italy related to her thesis topic “Luxury and Digital”.
Rozenn also holds a Bachelors Degree in Business (distinction) with majors in Marketing and Management.

She plans to pursue her career in Corporate Strategy and Risk Assessment.
Rozenn is politically involved in France, by encouraging and establishing connections between her city and private companies.

Benoit Ingelaere

Benoît Ingelaere

Audencia Nantes School of Management, France

Benoît is a full-time MBA student at Audencia Nantes School of Management, he was awarded a scholarship from Audencia based on merit. He has spent ten years as Business Development Manager with two international logistics groups (UPS and DHL) where he took on management responsibilities. In the year before joining the MBA at Audencia, Benoît managed a 5,000 sqm warehouse with 30 operators and three foremen. His responsibilities included operations management, HR management, site management, project definition and implementation, and P&L management.


Jonathan Kilgour

University of Waikato, New Zealand

Jonathan graduated from Waikato Management School in 2013 with an MBA with Distinction. Following graduation, Jonathan was appointed as a member of the Waikato Management School Corporate and Executive Education Alumni Board. He is currently the Research Manager for Waikato Tainui College for Research and Development, and in a separate role works as a consultant in strategy, evaluation, research and indigenous development. Since completing his MBA, Jonathan has worked with NGOs and collectives to develop long-term strategies, review governance structures and review organisational capability.

Jonathan has ten years experience in the public sector, particularly in public management, strategic development, monitoring and evaluation. He also holds a Master of Laws with Honours and a Bachelor of Social Sciences, specialising in Māori language and political science.

Marko Kucic

Marko Kučić

Cotrugli Business School, Croatia

Marko graduated from his Executive MBA programme in 2006. He has more than six years of management experience, focused on business development, sales, marketing and operations. He has a successful business track record domestically in Croatia and regionally in Europe, working as Business Development Director and partner at Cotrugli Business School. Cotrugli specialises in providing MBA and tailor made educational programmes, targeting middle and top managers from various organisations in South Eastern Europe; including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Franco Leoni

Franco Leoni

MIB School of Management, Italy

Franco Leoni graduated with an honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Bologna in 1996 followed by an MBA in economic studies in 1997. After receiving his MBA award, Franco joined private company Giesse Group in Bologna where he was responsible for developing marketing strategies for an international division. During these two years of work experience, Franco discovered that Italian companies required Internet based tools to manage business more effectively. His connections with students of the Mathematics university department and his work experience to date enabled Franco to found his innovative company, Polonord Adeste, a company dedicated to digital duplication offering a full digital right management consultancy service. Franco is currently member of the Italian Manufacturers' Association, of the board of directors of Aimba (Italian academy of MBAs) and is the current president of the Alumni Association of MIB School of Management.

Weijie Lin

Weijie (Vergil) Lin

Zhejiang University School of Management, China

Vergil Lin is a full-time MBA student at Zhejiang University School of Management. Prior to this he worked in the ferroalloy department of Zhejiang Topchance Group Co. Ltd for four years. He started in ferroalloy production management in Inner Mongolia for eight months, and then transferred to the overseas division in charge of mineral import. Later he became the deputy manager of the division, responsible for all ore transactions covering nickel, chrome, manganese and copper. His work in mineral resources development and trade introduced him to many different people from this industry. Vergil also wishes to start an NGO with his colleagues, to help children in impoverished and mountainous areas in China.

Anca Mandruleanu

Anca Manduleanu

Kingston Business School, UK

Anca Mandruleanu is a current MBA candidate at Kingston Business School. Anca holds a PhD in Management and double-first degree in Business Administration and Political Science. She has five years professional experience in research, advisory and consultancy roles for both public sector and corporate organisations, initially as an economics researcher for parliamentary committees and latterly as a consultant advising international companies seeking to expand their businesses into new markets (Austria and South Africa) and to secure European funding. In 2006, Anca joined the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest (taught in foreign languages), Faculty of Business Administration where she is still delivering lectures on aspects of business management to undergraduate students of business. Anca is also the founder of an NGO that is intended to bridge the gap between the academic and the business environment, by encouraging and establishing connections between universities and private companies.


Davina McCormick

Brisbane Graduate School of Business, Queensland University of Technology

Davina is currently studying for her part-time MBA. She has a diverse range of marketing, stakeholder engagement, project management and strategy skills built up over twelve years across new venture start-ups, global companies and government corporations. Davina's professional career experience spans the financial services, utilities and energy industries for companies that include Allianz, Pacific Premium Funding (Pacific), General Electric and Energex Ltd. After beginning her career in the insurance industry, Davina joined commercial finance new venture start-up, Pacific. The business was ultimately acquired by GE Capital, where Davina continued her career, before taking the opportunity to work on a low-emissions technology project for GE Energy. In 2012, Davina joined Energex - a government-owned corporation managing a large electricity distribution network. In her current role she is responsible for the development and management of the company's customer and stakeholder engagement strategy. Davina also holds a Bachelors Degree in Business (distinction) with majors in Marketing and Management.

Ezio Messina

Ezio Messina

MIB School of Management, Italy

Ezio Messina graduated from his Executive MBA at MIB (Trieste, Italy) in 2005. He started his career as a Naval Officer in the Italian Navy, after graduating first in his class from the Naval Academy and University of Pisa in 1986. He specialised in telecommunications and electronic warfare, directing operations from a frigate during Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf in 1991. He was later Operations Assistant during the UN mission 'Restore Hope' in Somalia in 1992, and Military Assistant to the NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, during the liberation of Kosovo campaign. In 2002 he joined Fincantieri, one of the world's largest shipbuilders, becoming Project Manager for the building of a new generation of large cruise ships. He completed six projects delivered to various brands of Carnival Corporation. After graduation from his MBA, he became CEO of SeaNet Custom Marine Solutions, a company delivering turn-key safety systems for cruise ships and mega-yachts. Currently, he is working for Venture Capital Fund AladInn, managing as CEO one of their companies, Sprin Technologies (Industrial biocatalisys).


Orie Miyazawa

Kent Business School, University of Kent
Orie has an MBA from Kent Business School (KBS) which is her second Masters, previously gaining an MPhil in Computational Linguistics. She is currently a part-time PhD student in Critical Accounting History and also teaches HR at KBS as a part-time seminar leader.

She has extensive business experience in facilitating international businesses especially in engineering and commercial areas prior to achieving the MBA. Higher education marketing is her current interest and she carried out in-depth research in order to write an MBA dissertation on the subject.

Ha Nguyen

Ha Nguyen

University of Southampton Business School, UK

Ha Nguyen has over ten years' experience working within international business organisations and completed his MBA degree at the University of Southampton Business School in 2010. Prior to completing his MBA degree, Ha worked for two international companies: Obayashi, a Japanese company, as Senior Technician, and Shell Vietnam, part of the Shell Royal Dutch brand, as National Sales Solution. Following the completion of his MBA, Ha returned to Vietnam and work for Willis, the UK insurance brokerage and consultancy, in the Vietnamese headquarters. Ha now actively contributes to the wider society in Vietnam and is involved in numerous organisations including British Business Group in Vietnam, the Euro Chamber of Commerce Vietnam and various MBA forums.

Fayloa Nicholas

Fayola Nicholas

Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Trinidad and Tobago

Fayola Nicholas graduated from Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Trinidad in 2005 with an International MBA. She is now the Director of HR, Advancement and Alumni Relations at Lok Jack GSB. She was previously Director of the Market Development Centre, a position she held from January 2010. She has played a prominent role at the Lok Jack GSB, leading the rebranding of the school, and spearheading the campaign for the Distinguished Leadership and Innovation Conference, which took place in March 2011. She has worked in the field of marketing for ten years, previously holding positions at Coca-Cola Caribbean, as Marketing Activation Manager (Jamaica and Trinidad); Unilever Caribbean Ltd, as Brand Manager (South Caribbean); and Carib Brewery Ltd, as Brand Manager in Trinidad, W.I.


Xolani Nocanda

Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa

Xolani graduated an MBA degree from Stellenbosch Business School in 2011. Prior to completing an MBA he completed a PhD degree in Chemistry from Rhodes University in South Africa. He has over 10 years work experience in Chemical Industry. He has worked for Pharmaceutical, Chemical Cellulose and Fatty Acids manufacturing companies. His roles were Research & Development Chemist, Research Scientist and Business Development Chemist.

Xolani currently works as a Principal Scientist for Ethekwini (Durban) Municipality Water & Sanitation Scientific Services. He is a registered Professional Natural Scientist with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions.

Xolani is passionate about the application of scientific ideas to create new business opportunities. He is currently starting a company to provide support in Science and Mathematics. He is also involved with Stellenbosch Business School Alumni Association where he organises networking events.

Dalila Paris

Dalila Paris

Strathclyde Business School, UK

Dalila Paris is a current MBA candidate at Strathclyde Business School. She graduated with a bachelors degree (honours) in Mathematical Modeling, with over 10 years of experience in spearheading the development and expansion of the Payment Services Industry in South East Asia. Her areas of interests are in innovation and expansion of organisations' core business across sectors, with expertise in strategic framework development, project management, marketing, policies and procedures development, and account management. She has been involved in driving new business set-ups and the establishment of strategic collaborations and partnerships across businesses and sectors. Her achievements have been in the expansion of core business of Malaysian payment service providers and Loyalty Platform Service Providers.

Alec Person

Alec Pearson

Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, UK

Alec completed his full-time MBA at the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School in 2011. Preceding his MBA studies, Alec worked within the IT industry for 18 years, focussing on IT technical operations across several sectors, predominately within the legal fraternity at Tods Murray LLP and Mayer Brown International LLP. Alec has more than 10 years' experience in Management, taking up the role of Senior IT Manager within South eastern Railway and Global Technology Manager with Mayer Brown International LLP, managing teams based in America, Hong Kong and the UK. His IT career encompassed the responsibilities of project management, strategic planning, operations management, change management and team development, which were instrumental in the success of new IT installations and services. An area of Alec's career which he found most rewarding was the management and development of staff. Alec is driven by the future and the unknown. Alec believes he's never been better equipped to develop personally and to deliver a range of worthwhile services to people at varying stages of their career.

Dimittris Petounis

Dimitris Petounis

Audencia Nantes School of Management, France

Dimitris Petounis is currently studying his Executive MBA at Audencia Nantes School of Management. His 15 year career involves various sales and marketing positions in the environmental, construction and animal feed sector in Greece and also in France. For the past seven years, Dimitris has focused his career in international development for Europe, Brazil, and Asia, specialising in animal feed products working for the company S&B Industrial Minerals. Dimitris runs a personal project within Audencia Business School which involves the operations and marketing plan for a start-up digital interactive advertising agency. The project involves developing materials classified by particular business sectors.


Colin Richards

University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School, UK

In 2012 Colin completed his full-time MBA through the University of Glasgow. He has over 15 years of project management consultancy gained across a broad range of industry sectors. He has brought his expertise, in particular, to taking on challenging projects that have suffered divergence from their original objectives and guided them back on track. He also supports organisations in the development of change processes and governance to ensure the disciplines of project management are embedded from the first days of inception by organisations. The range of areas varies from construction projects, logistics, finance, telecoms, and aviation. He has provided his services to the likes of British Airways, various parts of the Virgin Group, Royal Mail, and British Telecom, as well as a number of Public Sector organisations.

Colin has a passion for the empowering value of education and as a UK school governor, and trustee for education with Transform Burkina, champions the importance of education to enable the next generation to fulfil their potential both in the UK and Africa.


Paul Quilliam

Paul Quilliam is Managing Director and Cofounder of Queensland Kids, working towards establishing Hummingbird House as the only children's respite and hospice facility in Queensland. Paul served as the founding Board Chair when Queensland Kids incorporated in February 2011. He has been a leading educator and IT administrator in the independent education sector for almost two decades. After completing his Executive MBA, he transitioned from his Chief of Staff role in a large Brisbane private school to focus full-time on leading Queensland Kids in the paediatric palliative care sector.

Having almost twenty years of experience in the not-for-profit sector in both management and governance, Paul also actively serves the community as a Commissioner of Declarations. He is currently a member of the Australian College of Educators, Queensland Justice Association, MENSA, Foster Carers Queensland, Transplant Australia, the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation International Advisory Council, an Executive Adviser to the QUT Executive MBA program, an Associate of the Fundraising Institute of Australia, and an Associated Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

Brigitte Roediger

Brigitte Roediger

University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa

Brigitte Roediger completed a part-time MBA in 2011 following a postgraduate Business Management degree from the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Brigitte has worked in the wine industry for six years and is currently the Brand Manager at Spier Wine Farm. During her time studying, Brigitte represented the University of Stellenbosch Business School by blogging for Financial Times MBA Blog, travelling to three international conferences including World Business Dialogue in Germany, St Gallen Symposium in Switzerland and hosting the 2nd GRLI Young Ambassadors global conference in South Africa. She won the Marketing and International Management awards and would like to pursue her interest in global strategic marketing.


Xun Sallis

Xun is a current full time Sino-International MBA student of Management School, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China. She is also the first and only elected president with a foreign citizenship for the school’s MBA students association at the time of writing. Xun graduated from Jinan University majoring in International Economics and Trade in 1998 before she moved to Australia and started her career in public and private business administration. Then she started to work for British and Australian diplomatic missions around the world as Visa and Case Officer between the years of 2004 and 2012. In 2013 Xun decided to start her own small consultancy firm based in Guangzhou, China and provide overseas education and immigration services for her clients. Xun is currently researching on major managerial challenges faced by foreign owned SMEs in Canton in order to complete her MBA dissertation, a topic for which she is also very passionate about.

Don Sharples

Don Sharples

Monash University Melbourne, Australia

Don is a part-time MBA student at Monash University, Melbourne Australia. He is General Manager of Socom Public Relations in Melbourne, Australia, and Director of ORDA Relationship Management. To date his career has been in professional communications, specifically public affairs, strategic relationship building, reputation and relationship management. He has worked as a consultant, public advocate, media advisor and stakeholder manager. He is now looking toward full-time involvement within an industry that will be critical to the world's future. He intends to combine his MBA studies with his consulting, public affairs, people management and operations experience to build a career in the renewable energy sector.

Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh

Bristol Business School, UK

Nidhi is an alumna of Bristol Business School, UWE, U.K. She is currently based in India and works as a Consultant with a consulting firm called MART. She is part of the strategy team at MART which advices businesses, donors and investors on the intricacies of the emerging markets in India and other nations. She works on an array of projects ranging from providing safe and clean drinking water to rural communities in India to solar electrification of villages. Prior to completing her MBA she was running a small social enterprise which worked on Fair Trade principles in India. She worked with underprivileged artisan groups in rural parts of India to provide them access to fair wages and equality, by promoting their handmade products in national and international markets. A software engineer by profession, Nidhi worked with one of the leading Indian IT firms for a couple of years. She then worked for a small NGO, promoting adult literacy and women empowerment. She has also worked with start-ups in their initial phases, helping them with business plan formulation, strategy development and marketing strategies.


Vibhuti Singh

EM Lyon Business School, France

Vibhuti Singh completed his MBA in 2012 from EMLYON Business School, and he holds Bachelors degree in Software Engineering from Indraprastha University, India. He speaks English, Hindi, French and can manage in Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati and is currently learning German.In his professional career of 8 years, he has lived and worked in India, Sweden, Ireland, the United States, France and is now working in Berlin, Germany. Vibhuti started his career as a consultant in WPP, India, for which he was leading engineering team to build analytics products. After that, he moved to work for Teleopti in Sweden as an Engineer, then as a consultant. In 2007 he joined eBay as a Software Engineer, where he was expat to the U.S.A., United Kingdom and Germany. He left eBay in a position of Product Manager to pursue his MBA from EMLYON. Post MBA, Vibhuti wants to develop in Strategic Product Management within e-commerce. It led him to join the firm Groupon based in Berlin, Germany as Senior Product Manager. He is currently leading cross functional teams to develop strategic product for the company. He believes he can bring his skills set for the benefit to Global Ambassador position.

Yiqing Wang

Yiqing Wang

National Institute for Innovation Management, Zhejiang University, China

Yiqing is currently studying an MBA at Zhejiang University Business School. Having graduated from Beijing International Studies University in 2008, she studied human resource management in the University of International Business and Economics. In 2007, Yiqing attended the "Work&Travel" programme in America. She worked as a course consultant in Hampson English in Beijing and was transferred to Shanghai branch to work as a VIP course consultant within her first month. She was then transferred to Hangzhou branch act as school principle in 2009 where she currently works. Working in one of the top three schools in China, Yiqing enjoys the challenge that comes with her role. Yiqing is looking forward to the opportunities that being a Global AMBAssador will bring.

Xiaoran Xiong

Xiaoran Xiong

School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology

Xiaoran now is taking his first year study as an IMBA student at SME of Beijing Institute of Technology. After Graduation from Tianjin University of Science and Technology in 2005, Xiaoran started his career as Sales at TCL Corporation which is one of the most successful home appliance companies in China; from 2006 to 2011, he worked for Testo as area manager in north China in division climate, Tetso is a German company and also the leading company in environment measuring especially the flue gas emissions; after that, since 2011 he works for Vaisala as sales manager, and takes responsible for life science business, Vaisala is a Finish company and it is also the top leading solution provider in environment and weather business globally.

Xiaoran enjoys his career and willing to take adventures. As a global AMBAssador, he is looking forward to the great future opportunities together with the AMBA and BIT.

Global AMBAssadors