Global AMBAssadors Programme

Global AMBAssadors

About the programme

The Association of MBAs' Global AMBAssadors are the future of MBA leadership, coming from all regions of the world and representing the pinnacle of management education internationally. Each AMBAssador chosen is motivated by personal commitment, energy and the opportunity to contribute ideas to the future of management education and the quality of business leadership.

The fundamental role of a Global AMBAssador is to champion a global MBA alumni network to support their peers' engagement and participation. The Global AMBAssadors inspire others to become active in the network. They are an integral part of promoting accredited MBAs to employers and MBA seekers.

The Independent described the 2012 Global AMBAssador Programme as 'a network to reshape the world of business'. Read the full article here

We have now opened up the Global AMBAssador programme to individual students and alumni of accredited business schools who are interested in joining. Please contact us to find out more.

To participate in the Global AMBAssadors Programme, contact Joana Barbosa ( or 020 7246 2651.

To download important documents related to the Programme, such as brochures, and the Memorandum of Understanding, please click here.

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